After Snorkelling in Moalboal, We Took a Bus to Cebu City


After snorkelling in Moalboal, Cebu, we took a bus back to Cebu City.

Snorkelling in Moalboal

Snorkelling spots in Moalboal

The purpose of our visit to Moalboal was snorkelling. Moalboal also has a sandy beach called ‘White Beach’, but we stayed south of it, near a snorkelling spot.

The beach is rocky with a drop-off after a short swim. The highlight here is a large school of sardines. Large being in the millions! The white concrete building with a thatched roof in the image above is the Chili Bar, and the area in front of it (to the south) is the sardine schooling spot. It is easily recognisable as there are many boats floating around in the morning and afternoon and it is crowded with snorkellers.

There is no entrance fee, no guide required (you can add one as an option if you want), and a short swim offshore from the beach will bring you to a large school of sardines around the drop-off. There are no less than a million and no more than ten million of them, swimming in formation.

Snorkelling is possible at any time of the day, regardless of low or high tide. There are coral reefs offshore on the left (south side) when viewed from the beach, and sea turtles have also been spotted. The current is usually calm.

View from the guesthouse rooftop

We stayed at the Strandhaus Condotel. We stayed in a standard double room for two nights. The water pressure in the shower was weak, but the rest of the room was excellent. The price was 1500 pesos per night, which is cheap for the area. Location is amazing – a short walk to the snorkelling spots. For more information, see the review on Google Maps.

Getting from Moalboal to the bus stop for Cebu


We spent two nights here and enjoyed snorkelling before returning to Cebu city.

We picked up a shared tricycle after a short walk. It cost 30 pesos per person to the bus stop for Cebu. If you try and take transport from the beach you will be expected to pay around 250 pesos.

It is a little over 3km from the guesthouse to the bus stop, so it is not impossible to walk. We were feeling a bit lazy!

Minivan to Cebu 180 pesos per person

A minivan was already parked at the bus stop for Cebu. The minivan to Cebu costs 180 pesos per person. We decided to take the air-conditioned bus whilst the minivan might be slightly faster it is much less comfortable.

Ceres bus station

The Ceres bus stop is located near the minivan stop. It stands out well because of its yellow seats. The staff sitting at the desk told us that the bus would be there in five minutes.

We bought a hurried breakfast at the bakery diagonally behind the bus stand and returned just as the air-conditioned bus was arriving.

Boarding the bus to Cebu

Air-conditioned bus to Cebu

The air-conditioned bus costs 209 pesos per person to Cebu. There is a conductor on board and you buy your ticket after you get on.

Cebu is only 85 km away, but it takes longer due to busy roads.

The bus departed as soon as we got at 8:10 am. Arrival in Cebu was at 11:50 am.