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Behramkale (Assos) Highlights: Sightseeing and Tourist Attractions

We spent one night in Behramkale, a town that flourished in Greek times under the name 'Assos'. It has ancient ruins whi...

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What to see and do in Termez

Termez borders Afghanistan. Stone Age sites have been excavated in the area, making it a fascinating city for those inte...

Tana Toraja Sightseeing Highlights 1: Visiting Traditional Funeral and Cliff Cemetery

We spent four nights in Tana Toraja. This is a two-part post about Tana Toraja sightseeing highlights and activities.

What to Eat in the Philippines during your Trip?

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Quick tour of Bacolod City

Bacolod is located in the northern part of Negros Occidental, Philippines, and is the largest city on the island. It has...

Sake Review April 2023

One of the pleasures of going to Japan is enjoying sake (rice wine). We taste a wide variety of sake every time we visit...

A Day Tour by Bike in Luang Namtha

There's not much to do in Luang Namtha itself, but the surrounding area is culturally very rich and has a diverse group ...