Bus journey from Sibiu to Bucharest Airport


After one night in Sibiu, we travelled to Bucharest. We were flying from Bucharest to London the next day and had already booked accommodation near the airport. We were lucky and could transfer from Sibiu directly to Bucharest airport.

Getting from Sibiu to Bucharest Airport

As we had flight tickets from Bucharest to London on 7 September, we booked a flat near Bucharest Airport on 6 September, the day before. Therefore, we wanted to travel from Sibiu to Bucharest Airport in one go.

We believe there are buses to Bucharest Airport from the bus terminals in most cities. There are several buses a day to Bucharest from Sibiu as well, but they depart from a bus terminal far from Sibiu train station and the bus terminal for arriving in Bucharest also seems to be far from Bucharest train station, so it did not seem very convenient.

We stayed near the railway station in Sibiu, but the buses to Bucharest from the bus terminal next to the railway station only run in the afternoon. The train to Bucharest also leaves at 5:45am or in the afternoon, which was also inconvenient.

So we decided to take a bus to Braşov and then change to a train or bus to Bucharest.

Bus from Sibiu to Braşov

Sibiu bus station

From the bus station next to Sibiu railway station, minibuses to Braşov leave at 9.30am, 10.30am, 12.30pm and 5pm.

Information on minibuses to Braşov

You cannot buy tickets at the ticket counter in the bus station. You have to buy them directly from the driver on board the bus.

On the day, we went to the bus station before 9am to catch the 9.30am bus. The minibus to Braşov was parked in the car park and when we approached it, the driver was in the middle of having breakfast.

Minibus to Braşov

Mario had lived in London for 10 years and spoke good English and cheerfully sold us tickets while he ate his breakfast. The journey from Sibiu to Braşov is about 133 km and the fare was 45 lei per person. Payment was by cash only.

After finishing breakfast, the driver quickly cleaned the vehicle and moved the van to the platform. A few passengers got on, but the bus left on time without being full.

From Braşov to Bucharest Airport

Braşov bus terminal

We arrived at the bus terminal in Braşov at noon. It was the bus terminal right next to the Braşov railway station.

The timing was perfect, as the bus from Braşov to Bucharest Airport was going toleave at 1pm.

The journey from Braşov to Bucharest Airport is approximately 160 km and the fare was 64 lei per person. Tickets were also purchased on board this bus.

Buses to Bucharest Airport

Buses to Bucharest did not start from Braşov, but came from another city. The bus to Bucharest entered the platform at Braşov bus terminal at around 12:50pm.

Getting off near Bucharest Airport

Getting off before the airport

The bus departed a little later than scheduled. After winding our way through the mountain roads, it seemed to go smoothly, but when we got close to the airport, we got stuck in traffic. Very annoying as we did not want to go to the airport, we wanted to go to the flat we had booked near the airport.

We decided to get off the bus just before the airport because it was faster to walk. We got off the bus at 4:18pm, and walked to the accommodation.

Accommodation near Bucharest Airport

View from the bedroom

There are several apartment-type accommodation options near Bucharest Airport. We stayed in one of them, Libertatii Gardens Residences.

Living room at Libertatii Gardens Residences

The flat that we rented had no front desk, so booking online is essential. The flat per night was about 220 lei. There was a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, and the kitchen was well equipped and ready for cooking, although there was no washing machine, which was a bit disappointing.

It was a 40-minute walk to the airport, but the residential area was built in a relaxing rural setting surrounded by corn fields. More likely, as Romania’s economy develops, there will be more residential and commercial buildings in this vicinity.