We Joined a Snorkelling Tour from Semporna and a guest ‘lost’ their money on the boat!

We joined a day trip snorkelling boat tour from Semporna. There are many companies offering diving and snorkelling tours...

Snorkelling on Maratua Island! Guesthouses and how to get to Maratua

Maratua Island is a small island in the east of Kalimantan. We spent a week on the island and stayed in two guesthouses....

How to get from Berau (Tanjung Redep) to Maratua Island, Speedboat Trip

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Snorkelling in the Togean Islands: Honest Reviews

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Crossing from Ampana to the Togean Islands, Kadidiri

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After Snorkelling in Moalboal, We Took a Bus to Cebu City

After snorkelling in Moalboal, Cebu, we took a bus back to Cebu City.

Bohol Sightseeing and Attractions 2: Anda Beach Resort

After two nights in Batuan, Bohol, we moved on to Anda, a beach where snorkelling is possible.

Siquijor Island Tour and Attractions: snorkelling spots and round the island

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Apo Island: You Can Swim with Turtles, but it’s not a Snorkelers’ Paradise

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Getting to Apo Island from Sugar Beach: via Sipalay, Hinoba-an and Malatapay

After three nights at Sugar Beach, the next destination was Apo Island, where snorkelling can be enjoyed. We decided to ...