We Joined a Snorkelling Tour from Semporna and a guest ‘lost’ their money on the boat!

We joined a day trip snorkelling boat tour from Semporna. There are many companies offering diving and snorkelling tours...
Border Crossing

Nunukan to Tawau, Border Crossing by International Boat from Indonesia to Malaysia

International boats cross the border from Nunukan, Indonesia to Tawau, Malaysia. It's an interesting way to cross the bo...

from Tarakan to Nunukan: We Took another overloaded Speedboat

Wanting to cross the border from Tarakan to Malaysia, we took a speedboat to Nunukan, the border city on the Indonesian ...

from Maratua Island to Tarakan via Derawan: We Took a Speedboat and it Ran Out of Petrol!

After spending a week on Maratua Island, we left Maratua Island by speedboat to Tarakan. We couldn't find much informati...

How to get from Berau (Tanjung Redep) to Maratua Island, Speedboat Trip

We flew from Samarinda to Berau and stayed overnight in the town of Berau. The next morning, we headed to our next desti...

Watching Dolphins in the Mahakam River and Visiting Stilted Villages: Boat Tour from Kota Bangun

We organised a boat tour on the Mahakam River, which flows through Kalimantan Island, Indonesia, to see life on the wate...

From Bunaken Island to Makassar via Manado

On 2 June, we checked into Panorama Backpackers on Bunaken Island planning to stay a few days and ended up staying there...

How We Travelled from Gorontalo to Manado and then to Bunaken Island

We stayed one night in Gorontalo and after snorkelling with whale sharks, we travelled to Manado on the same day. Manado...

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks in Gorontalo

Gorontalo is a good place to swim/snorkel/dive with whale sharks. Gorontalo is a medium-sized city and there are whale s...

Escape from Una Una Island, Togean Islands! Getting to Gorontalo

After staying on Una Una Island in the Togean Islands, we travelled to Gorontalo on the north coast.