A day in Gazientep

There's a lot to see in Gazientep including Museums, mosques, bazaars and parks. You can walk to every place we visited....

Bus Adana to Gazientep

The bus from Adana to Gazientep is fast, cheap and comfortable. After visiting friends in Adana we took a bus to Gazient...

Kindness in Turkey

Most people are very hospitable to foreigners in Turkey and we have benefited from their kindness on many occasions. In ...

Special toilet feature at Gazientep bus station

When we arrived at the bus station we both needed to use the toilet so used the public toilets at the bus station. The t...

Visiting friends in Adana

Catching up with old friends is always a good thing to do and I was happy to meet up with a friend I have known 35 years...

Menengic coffee

Menengic coffee is a popular coffee in the south-east of Turkey and is made from the seeds of the menengic tree. Menengi...

Train from Konya to Adana

Travelling by train on the Toros Express was a relaxing and affordable way to travel between Konya and Adana.

Sightseeing in Konya

Konya is a large, conservative city which attracts tourists from all over the world because Rumi's tomb is here. There a...

Bus from Isparta to Konya

We travelled from Pamukkale to Isparta by bus to break up the journey to Konya. Isparta is about half way between Pamukk...

How to get from Aphrodisias to Pammukale

We travelled from Aphrodisias to Pammukale by hitchhiking and then taking a minibus (dolmus) from Serinhisar.