From Phonsavan to Paksan: Sleepy Bus Trip with Double Beds


We stayed two nights in Phonsavan to see the Plain of Jars. We then travelled to the town of Paksan, where we planned to cross the border into Thailand.

The bus journey from Phonsavan to Paksan was one of our smoothest!

Getting from Phonsavan to Paksan

Paksan is located approximately 220 km southeast of Phonsavan. It is one of the border crossing points into Thailand and we will be crossing the border into Thailand from here.

There is a bus service between Phonsavan and Paksan.

Bus timetable from Phonsavan to Paksan

Phonsavan South Bus Terminal

Buses to Paksan depart from Bounmixay southern bus terminal in Phonsavan.

The southern bus terminal is approximately 5 km from Phonsavan town centre, but you can check the timetable at Tourist Information in Phonsavan to see when the buses depart.

There are morning and evening buses to Paksan, but when we asked the hotel staff to call them, they told us that it is not possible to book by phone. It seems that you have to go to the bus terminal to buy a ticket.

The 8.30am bus on the day we were leaving on was a sleeper bus and we were told that the fare to Paksan was 170,000 kip per person.

Boarding the bus from Phonsavan to Paksan

People boarding the bus

The hotel we were staying at was more than 5km away from the South Bus Terminal. Therefore, we asked the hotel to arrange a tuk-tuk for the morning of the day. The fare to the South Bus Terminal was 100,000 kip for two people.
After purchasing tickets at the ticket office, mineral water and snacks were handed out.

After purchasing tickets at the ticket office, mineral water and snacks were handed out.

We arrived at the bus terminal a little after 7.30 am. The sleeper bus was already there.

Water and snacks were provided

You need to take off your shoes before getting on the bus. You will be given a plastic bag when you get on the bus, so put your shoes in the bag and get on the bus.

The conductor giving out plastic bags to passengers

Each seat in the sleeper bus is a double bed. If you are travelling in a group of two like us, you will be in one bed, but if you are travelling alone, you will be sharing a seat with a passenger of the same sex.

Inside of the sleeping bus
The bus was double bedded

Each passenger is supplied with its own pillow and blanket.

Bus journey from Phonsavan to Paksan

Toilet break

Scheduled bus departure time was. 8.30am, but the bus departed 10 minutes late.

The road from Phongsavan to Paksan is down a mountain road. The bus weaves its way through the lush green mountains of Laos, taking toilet breaks as it heads south.

Beautiful scenery on the way

Arrival at Paksan

Arrival in Paksan

Arrival in Paksan was at 2.30pm. The journey took approximately 6 hours. The road was a mountain road with many curves, but the road was in good condition and went smoothly.

We were able to get dropped off in the centre of town close to our Guest House. Tomorrow we will sadly leave Laos.