Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo: Bus Journey


After one night in Sofia, we travelled to Veliko Tarnovo. The bus journey from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo is shared in this post.

Travel from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo

Sofia bus terminal

Buses run from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo. There is also a train, but we decided to take the bus as it is faster.

Buses to Veliko Tarnovo leave from Central Bus Station – Sofia, next to Sofia’s railway station.

The distance from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo is approximately 225 km and the bus journey takes about 3 hours.

Buying bus tickets from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo

Ticket counter in Sofia bus terminal

Tickets are purchased at Sofia’s central bus station. It seems that you can also buy tickets online, but in that case you have to go to the bus station to collect your ticket. We thought that it would be quicker to buy the tickets directly at the bus station, so we bought them the day before at the bus station ticket office.

Several buses run from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo every day, but the 12:30 bus we took was full on the day. It is recommended to buy tickets early if possible, as it can get crowded at certain times of the day.

The bus fare from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo cost 22.5 Lev per person. Seats are reserved.

Boarding the bus from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo

Our bus

When we arrived at the bus station about 30 minutes before departure, the bus was already parked on the platform. We waited for a while as there was no driver, but soon the driver opened the boot of the bus to load our luggage.

The bus was seated two rows on each side. We boarded according to the seat numbers indicated on our tickets.

Getting from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo

The bus left Sofia bus station at 12.30 pm on time. The bus travels smoothly on motorways from the rolling hills to the plains.

Arrival at Veliko Tarnovo

The bus terminal in Veliko Tarnovo

The bus arrived at Veliko Tarnovo bus terminal at 3:40 pm. We arrived at the South Bus Station (Автогара Юг (South Bus Station)).

There were no toilet breaks on the way and the journey was made in one go.

The bus station is 2-3 km away from the main tourist area. It was a gentle stroll uphill and we managed to walk to the guesthouse we had booked.