What to do in Ternate? Sightseeing and attractions


Ternate is located on the island of Ternate and has a population of 200,000. We spent three nights in Ternate.

Here are some of the sights and attractions in Ternate.

Tolukko Fortress (Benteng Tolukko)

Tolukko Fort

Benteng Tolukko is a fortress built by the Portuguese. It is located on the coastline north of the city centre.

The site is not large, but it has a well-maintained garden with views of the volcano and the Ternate Sea.

Fort Oranje

Bell at Fort Orange

Fort Orange is located closer to the city centre than Fort Tolucco. The fortress was built by the Dutch and has a larger site.

It is a place for locals to relax – we saw them exercising and dancing. There is also a nice looking café.

Raya Al Munawwar Mosque (Masjid Raya Al Munawwar Ternate)

Mosque crumbling into the sea.

Raya Al Munawwar Mosque (Masjid Raya Al Munawwar Ternate) is located along the Ternate coastline.

Parts of the mosque can be seen crumbling into the sea.

A motorcycle ride round the island of Ternate

One day we toured the City on foot. On another day, we hired a motorcycle from the Guesthouse we were staying at (Kurnia Homstay) and went round the island of Ternate.

Motorcycle hire was Rp 100,000 per day. We decided to go round the island of Ternate in a clockwise direction.

Fort Kalamata (Benteng Kalamata)

It’s located on the coastline south of Ternate city centre. The entrance is a little difficult to find and we passed it once.

From the entrance, it looks like there’s just a single wall, but when you go inside, there is a large space and you can see it’s a real fortress. It’s a really nice setting next to the sea. No entrance fee.

Fort Kota Janji

A little further on from Fort Kalamata is Fort Kota Janji. The gate was locked, but a local man showed us how to get in from around the back and we were able to go inside.

The fort itself is not very attractive, but the view was good. No entrance fee.

Lake Laguna (Danau Laguna)

Laguna Lake

We had to drive up a very steep slope to get the viewpoint. There may be several viewpoints, but we went to Ngade Puncak Bak Air.

There were a few local tourists, one of whom got on a bike suspended by ropes and cycled midair. There are lovely views across the lake to the sea and islands.

It cost 5k per person to enter the viewpoint and 5k for parking the moped.

Fort Kastela (Benteng Kastela)

Portuguese fortress.

It is in a poor condition and remains as a simple rustic ruin.

The entrance is on the road before the mosque, on the left-hand side of the road. Further along the road is the beach.

Lake Tolire (Danau Tolire Besar)

The emerald green lake is beautiful with the reflection of Mount Gamarama.

It seems to be a dating spot for local young people.

It cost 5k to enter per person.

Jikomalamo Beach (Pantai Jikomalamo)

Two beaches north of Ternate

There are many beaches on the island of Ternate, but this is one of the two beaches recommended as snorkelling spots.

It is located at the end of a small road off the main street. There are several restaurants from which you can enter the sea. There are changing rooms and mandis (Indonesian-style bathing) in the restaurant.

The beach is not a sandy beach, so it is not a place to lie on the sand and sunbathe.

Moped parking 4k.

Sulamadaha Bay

This is also not a sandy beach, but a coral beach, so sandals are required.

It is a quiet beach with few other swimmers besides us. There were lots of tropical fish in the shallows and it was a wonderful spot for snorkelling. Recommended!

There are no changing rooms or showers.

Accommodation in Ternate

Breakfast at Kurnia Homestay

In Ternate, we stayed at Kurnia Homestay. Breakfast is included in the room rate, we requested local food, but bread is also available. Detailed reviews and images are available on Google Maps!