If you are looking for a day out from Tokyo I can recommend Kawagie. It was easy to get there and there’s plenty to see and do there.

How to get to Kawagoe from Tokyo

It took us 1 1/2 hours to get there from Meguro City in Tokyo using a local train on the Tokyu Toyoko line.

What to see

There are lots of old town houses which traditionally would have the business downstairs and the family living quarters upstairs. There are several streets and arts to wander down.

There’s also some other interesting buildings.

You can get free maps at the Tourist Information Office which is at the train station.

Sake testing

There’s a fun shop with sake vending machines where you can try a very extensive range of sakes.

We exchanged 1,000 yen for 8 tokens which you then feed in to the vending machines when you want a drink. Just add your cup to get it refilled and then drink! Each of our drinks cost 1 token

There’s even a machine to heat up your sake, if that’s the recommendation on the bottle.

It’s a fun way to try different sakes and of course there’s a shop where you can buy bottles of sake once you’ve found your favourites.