What we did in Hue


This my third time in Hue and our second together. We had seen a lot of the sights before and so our time was spent walking around one afternoon and the second day hiring some bikes and getting out into the countryside.

Walking around Hue

We spent an afternoon walking around Hue enjoying the warm weather.

Renting bikes and visiting the countryside

Bikes go for 50,000 VND a day, about $2 USD and the ones we had were in goodish condition. The tyres had air in and the brakes more or less worked.

We probably did around 40 Kms on our bikes cycling through the countryside. We managed to find some small trails with no cars near the Perfume River. We didn’t see any other tourists all day which was a little surprising as there were quite a few in the city.

Bia Hoi Hanoi

We managed to track down what I think is the only place in Hue selling Bia Hoi Hanoi. This is a fresh, light beer which is popular in the north of Vietnam.

They had the beer in 2 litre bombs for 50,000 VND which is less than $2 USD!