Plan, Plan, Plan

Travel Plan and Preparations

We are planning to go on a year-long backpacking trip.

We’ve already decided that we’re going to the UK, although we don’t have plane tickets yet. We also have daily conversations about our plans afterwards.

How do we plan?

A big factor is the weather.

We are both aiming for a light backpacking trip, so we won’t take a lot of clothes and we will probably chase the summer, constantly moving to warmer areas.

One of my nephews lives in Munich, Germany, so we could visit him and we have already exchanged some messages with him about our trip. He is keen to take us to some places in Germany.

We would love to visit Munich, but the problem is the time of year: in October, the season gradually shifts from autumn to winter, and it gets colder not only in Germany but in Europe as a whole.

The Oktoberfest in Germany is very attractive too, but ideally, we would like to travel in Europe from spring to summer instead of winter if possible.

So, going to Turkey, which we both want to go to, is a strong possibility.

from London to Turkey

There is a kind of Low Cost Carrier (LCC), Pegasus, operating from the UK, and tickets to Istanbul and other cities are not too expensive.

As it is an LCC, you have to pay for your check-in baggage, but as we are not taking any check-in baggage this flight is good enough for us.

After entering Turkey, we could head towards Konya by high speed train from Istanbul. Konya is a conservative town and has several famous sights.

And then, we could go out to the Mediterranean coast by bus or other means.

We might visit some castles there and swim in the Mediterranean Sea as the water will still be warm enough.

And then there is a city called Adana which we might visit, where my brother lived for a while(in the 1980s). I believe that it is the fourth largest city in Turkey.

After that, we are thinking of going to Cappadocia and then taking a train to the eastern part of Turkey. For the next step, we would like to go around Armenia and Georgia.

We might go to Gulf countries

My sister lives in Oman, so we would like to go to visit her there. Mai has been to Oman, but I haven’t been yet.

However, according to research, flights from Armenia to Oman are a bit expensive, but there may be another way in through the UAE.

After Oman we could go to India, Pakistan, Nepal or Bangladesh. However, if it’s around November, Nepal would be a bit cold, although travelling in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh would be nice in terms of the weather.