Covid Vaccination as Preparation for Travel

Travel Plan and Preparations

Since the 2020 pandemic, the way of international travel has changed dramatically in many senses.

While many countries were closing their borders, we were still travelling to Greece, Cuba and other countries.

And when the Covid vaccine finally became available, we got vaccinated as soon as possible, because not so long ago proof of vaccination allowed you easily to entry in many countries.

We had jabs three times already, but the last time we were vaccinated was in September 2021, just before we left for a trip to England.

It’s nearly a year ago. That is why we would like to go for the fourth dose this week.

We’ve already had three doses of the corona vaccine

As soon as the Covid vaccine became available in Quebec, Canada, where we live, in spring 2021, we made an appointment to be vaccinated.

I know there are many different ways of thinking about vaccines, but for us there was no choice because it was essential to travel abroad.

At that time, we didn’t have a choice of brand, it was AstraZeneca.

And then, as soon as the second vaccine was available, we went for the second dose. At that time, they only had Moderna, so we got it.

However, when we were going to go to the UK in October, we found out that UK Government didn’t consider someone who had mixed doses as a ‘fully-vaccinated’ person. So we would have had to self-isolate after entering the UK because we’d had 2 different companies’ vaccines.

So we rushed to get a third vaccine – Moderna.

And then we got Covid-19 in Mexico

That’s how we got three doses of vaccine.

Funnily enough, just before we left for the UK, the UK government changed the rules and said that travellers could have different brands of vaccine and still be considered fully vaccinated.

Anyway, we had the third dose of the vaccine in September 2021. And in December of that year, when we travelled to Mexico, we both got Covid.

As it had been almost three months since the last vaccination, the effect of preventing infection might have been smaller. At least, our symptoms were relatively mild, so the vaccine must have had some effect.

The fourth vaccination is scheduled for this week

At the time of writing this, we are finally leaving in two weeks’ time.

Apparently, the Covid vaccine starts to take effect about two weeks after the vaccination. If it’s true, we think it would be best to have the vaccination this week.

Most importantly, as we are going to start our trip in the UK to visit my mother, we don’t want to bring coronavirus there.

In Quebec, anyone can now walk in and get vaccinated if they want to.

We are going to go to a shopping mall about 20 minutes’ drive from our house where we can get vaccinated.

We have checked their schedule for this week, so we are now planning to go on Friday.