Tajikistan ATM, the Maximum Withdrawal Amount and US Dollars


We wanted to withdraw cash from ATMs in Tajikistan using our international cash card and we walked around looking for bank ATMs with a maximum amount.

This information is written in July 2023.

Can we use an international bank card at ATMs in Tajikistan?

A bank in Tajikistan

We were in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. There are many banks and ATMs in Dushanbe, but not all ATMs accept international cash cards – if it has a VISA symbol, it is likely to work.

Can we withdraw US cash at ATMs in Tajikistan

Orient Bank ATMs display a choice of USD and Somoni as withdrawal currencies. However, no USD notes appeared when we selected USD entering less than the maximum amount displayed.

We have tried multiple ATM machines and no USD cash has ever come out. When we asked locals, they told us that they had never tried USD.

How much Somoni can we withdraw from ATMs in Tajikistan?

According to locals, the maximum amount of Somoni withdrawal used to be 4,000 Somoni on some machines, but at the time of our trip, the maximum amount was displayed as 1,000 Somoni on many ATM machines. Some machines even displayed 800 somoni.

1,000 Somoni is approximately USD 90, so it is very inconvenient. Of course, since this is the maximum amount per operation, it is possible to withdraw several thousand Somoni by repeating several times. However, a fee is charged for each transaction.

The maximum withdrawal amount seems to change from time to time, but at the moment we would rather continue our trip by exchanging foreign currency cash than withdrawing money from ATMs with an international cash card.